Mechanism in the Internet is the Internet Protocol (Internet access component of the Internet.
Including protocol . Number, Internet address or IP address (IP address) is used to refer computers and equipment.
Network device on the Internet around the world. Like to use the telephone to communicate . Must have a telephone number .
According to the cables. Every computer on the Internet must have a unique IP Address number .

IP address numbers that we use today is Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) , which we use as a standard for data transmission .
Network since BC. The 1981 expansion of the Internet in the past has been a rapid growth rate .
The researchers found that the number of IPv4 IP address will be spent. Not enough to use the internet in the future .
If this happens , it means that we will not be able to connect a network to the Internet has increased . Therefore, the working group IETF (The.
Internet Engineering Task Force) , which recognizes the importance of such issues . Has developed a new version of the Internet protocol version six .
(Internet Protocol version 6; IPv6) to replace the original version of the Internet protocol . The objective is to improve the IPv6 infrastructure.
Of the protocol. To accommodate a large number of address numbers . And improve other features . Several respects. Both in terms of performance.
Application support and security applications . (application) new to happen in the future . And increase efficiency in the processing.
Packets (packet) , the better to meet the growth and demand for technology in the Internet .
Future as well.

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